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Plastic Conjugate Ring

Product Name: Plastic Conjugate Ring
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Plastic Conjugate Ring is a kind of advanced packing which is made of heat resistant and chemical corrosion resistant plastics, such as PE, PP, RPP, PVC, CPVC and PVDF. So it is economical and has ver

Plastic Conjugate Ring  A detailed description of

NAIKE Plastic Conjugate Ring: NK-PCR
Brief introduction
NAIKE Plastic Conjugate Ring is a improvement of intalox Ring type filler. it was designed in South China science 
engineering university . its characteristic is as follows:
1. It does not occur that rings are overlap along axial direction when dumped them in tower. 
2. Its intertendon structure in conjugate shape and liquid can be equalized distribution on the filler surface.
Advantage Application
●Big voidage ●Absorbers
●Low Pressure Drop ●Degassing
●Low mass-transfer unit height ●Liquid/liquid extraction
●Low Specific Weight ●water treatment
●Abundant of Gas-liquid contact ●Heat transfer
●High Surface Area
●Excellent efficiency of transfer
●25kgs/50kgs compound plastic bag
●1 cubic meter Jumbo bag
●Other packing is available upon your request.

Technical Parameter

D×H×δ mm Specific area m2/m3 Void Rate % Bulk Number g/m3 Package Density (kg/m3) F factor m-1
16*8.9*1 370 85 299136 135.6 602.5
25*17.5*1.0 228 90 74000 65.2 312.8
38*19*1.2 132.5 91 18650 54.5 175.8
50*25*1.5 114.2 92.7 9200 49.2 143.1
76*38*2.6 90 92.9 3980 63.5 112.3
100*50*3.0 76 94.1 1800 45 101.1

Physical & Chemical Properties

Performance/Material PE PP RPP PVC CPVC PVDF
Density(g/cm3) 0.94-0.96 0.89-0.91 0.93-0.94 1.32-1.44 1.50-1.54 1.75-1.78
Operation Temp(℃) 90 >100 >120 >60 >90 >150
Chemical Corrosion resistance Good Good Good Good Good Good
Compression Strength(MPa) >6.0 >6.5 >7.0 >6.0 >8.0 >10.0
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