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Plastic Super Saddle Ring

Product Name: Plastic Super Saddle Ring
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Plastic Super Saddle Ring is a kind of advanced packings which is made of heat resistant and chemical corrosion resistant plastics, such as PE, PP, RPP, PVC, CPVC and PVDF.

Plastic Super Saddle Ring  A detailed description of
                                   Plastic Super Saddle Ring

Plastic Super Saddle Ring is a kind of random packing further deverloped on the basis of Saddle Ring,which both smooth edges are changed to hackly or ripple edges. Comparing with normal saddle, such structure of super Saddle Ring can ensure that interspace will be increased a lot when saddles are stacked in the column randomly.
Therefore, the resistance to vapor-liquid is decreased and it facilitates flow and distributor of vapor-liquid through the packing bed. As a result,pressure drop is low and mass transfer efficiency is high.
With the characters of high mechanical strength, high chemical stability and excellent heat endurance,it can resit high or low temperature, acid (except HF), alkali, salt and various organic Solvents.

Technical Parameter

Plastic Super Saddle Ring
D*H*T (mm) Surface Area(m2/m3 Void Rate(%) Bulk Number(pcs) Bulk Density(kg/m3) F factor(m-1)
25*13*1.2 288 85 97680 102 467
38*19*1.2 265 95 25200 91 309
50*25*1.5 250 96 9400 75 282
76*38*3.0 200 97 3700 59 220

Low pressure drop, high flux , high efficiency , easy to handle
Typical Application: 1. Absorption; 2. Scrubbing; 3. Stripping services; 4. All kinds of Seperation    
5. Plastic Packed Columns; 6. Cooling towr packing

Package: a)25kgs/50kgs compound plastic bag.
b)1 cubic meter Jumbo bag.
c)Other packing is available upon your request.
Payment Terms: T/T; L/C;West Union
Warranty: a) By National Standard HG/T 21556.3-1995
b) Offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred

Container 20GP 40GP 40HQ Normal Order Sample Order
Quantity 25CBM 54CBM 68CBM <25 CBM <10 pcs
Delivery Time 7 days 15 days 20 days 7 days stock
Customized making is allowed.
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