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Plastic Pall Ring

Product Name: Plastic Pall Ring
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Plastic Pall Ring is versatile. This product was advanced on the basis of Plastic Rasching Ring, and compared with it, both of them have similar cylindrical dimensions but the Plastic Pall Ring has two roews of punched out holes, with fingers or webs turned into the centre of the cylinder, which significantly increases the performance of the packing, in terms of throughput, efficiency and pressu

Plastic Pall Ring  A detailed description of

NAIKE Plastic Pall Ring: NK-PPR
Brief introduction
NAIKE Plastic Pall Ring is versatile. This product was advanced on the basis of Plastic Rasching Ring, and compared with
 it, both of them have similar cylindrical dimensions but the Plastic Pall Ring has two rows of punched out holes, with 
fingers or webs turned into the centre of the cylinder, which significantly increases the performance of the packing, in 
terms of throughput, efficiency and pressure drop.
Advantage Application
●High Free Volumn ●Absorbers
●Low Pressure Drop ●Degassing
●Low mass-transfer unit height ●Liquid/liquid extraction
●High flooding point ●water treatment
●small specific gravity ●Heat transfer
●High mass transfer efficiency
●25kgs/50kgs compound plastic bag
●1 cubic meter Jumbo bag
●Other packing is available upon your request.

Technical Parameter

D×H×δ mm Specific area m2/m3 Void Rate % Bulk Number g/m3 Package Density (kg/m3) F factor m-1
16*16*1 188 91 170000 85 275
25*25*1.2 175 90 53500 69 239
38*38*1.4 115 89 15800 63 220
50*50*1.5 93 90 6500 52 127
76*76*2.6 73.2 92 1927 41 94
100*100*3 52.8 94 1000 32 82

Physical & Chemical Properties

Performance/Material PE PP RPP PVC CPVC PVDF
Density(g/cm3) 0.94-0.96 0.89-0.91 0.93-0.94 1.32-1.44 1.50-1.54 1.75-1.78
Operation Temp(℃) 90 >100 >120 >60 >90 >150
Chemical Corrosion resistance Good Good Good Good Good Good
Compression Strength(MPa) >6.0 >6.5 >7.0 >6.0 >8.0 >10.0

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