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Ceramic Saddles(Intalox)

Product Name: Ceramic Saddles(Intalox)
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ceramic saddles(intalox) are divided into two different types of products according to their properties, one is often used in the field of Chemical and Petrochemical industries, another is mainly used

Ceramic Saddles(Intalox)  A detailed description of

• NAIKE-Ceramic intalox Saddle Ring : NK-CISR
Ceramic Intalox Saddle are divided into two different types of products according to their properties, one is often used 
in the field of Chemical and Petrochemical industries, another is mainly used in environmental areas such as RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers) equipments.But both of them are the most frequently used high-performance
packing and exhibit advantages for most applications in comparison with other shapes. Their smooth surface imparts
a high chemical resistance and provides Ceramic Intalox saddle rings (Ceramic Intalox Saddle) with a high level of
stability. Due to their simple form, ceramic Intalox Saddle can be produced at a relatively low cost.

Advantage of Ceramic Intalox Saddle
Low pressure drop and high efficiency
Large effective interfacial area 
High mechanical strength
Low cost 

Application of Ceramic Intalox Saddle
Transfer towers both small and large diameter
Deep vacuum towers where low pressure drop is crucial
Distillation, absorption etc
High pressure towers where capacity significantly exceeds conventional trays

Specification of ceramic intalox saddle
Name Size Diameter (mm) Weight(kg/m3) Pieces(m3) Surface Area(m2/m3) Void(%)
Ceramic Intalox Saddle Ring ø16 16*12*2 710 382000 450 70
ø25 25*19*3 640 84000 250 74
ø38 38*30*4 590 25,000 164 75
ø50 50*40*5 560 9,300 142 76
ø76 76*57*9 520 1,800 92 78
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