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Pall Ring

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Ceramic Pall Ring is a kind of random packing further developed based on Rischig Ring, with two layers of windows opened along its tube wall. The outside diameter is equal to its height. For each laye

Pall Ring  A detailed description of

• NAIKE-Ceramic Pall Ring : NK-CPR
Ceramic Pall Ring is a kind of random packing further developed based on Raschig Ring, with two layers of windows 
opened along its tube wall. The outside diameter is equal to its height. For each layer, there are 5 ligules bending 
inward the axes of the ring. The open position for windows between the two layers is staggered oppositely. 

Generally, the area for open windows occupies 30% of the total area of the tube wall. It helps vapor and liquid flow 
freely through these windows, making full use of the ring’s inner surface to improve distribution of vapor-liquid.

With the characters of high mechanical strength, high chemical stability, and excellent heat endurance.

Ceramic Pall Ring can resist high temperature, acid ( except HF ), alkali, salt and various organic solvents. It is widely 
applied in various packing towers of desiccation, absorption, cooling, washing and regeneration in industries of 
petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, gas and oxygen generation.

If ring's size is over 100mm, it is usually filled in column orderly. If its size is less than 90mm, pall ring is stacked in the
column randomly.

Advantage of Ceramic Pall Ring
High chemical stability
High mechanical strength
Excellent heat endurance

Application of Ceramic Pall Ring
Transfer towers both small and large diameter
Deep vacuum towers where low pressure drop is crucial
Distillation, absorption etc
High pressure towers where capacity significantly exceeds conventional trays

Chemical Specification
SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 Other
65-85% 15-30% <=1.5% 5-15%

Physical Properties
Specific weight water adsorption Acid resistance Crushing strength Temperature Moh's hardness Ignition lost
2.5g/cm3 <=0.5% >99.5% >=130MPa >1400℃ >=7 <=5.0%

Specification of Ceramic Pall Ring
Name Size Diameter (mm) Weight(kg/m3) Pieces(m3) Surface Area(m2/m3) Void(%)
Pall Ring
ø25 25*25*3 630 36000 210 73
ø38 38*38*4 590 12000 140 75
ø50 50*50*5 520 4,900 100 78
ø76 76*76*9 470 1,500 70 80
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