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Iron Carbon Micro Electrolysis Filter

Product Name: Iron Carbon Micro Electrolysis Filter
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Iron carbon micro electrolysis filter is made from iron, carbon, catalyst, composite crystal protectant, anti-hardening catalyst and other metal activator etc. raw materials through high temperature sintering.

Iron Carbon Micro Electrolysis Filter  A detailed description of
 Iron carbon micro electrolysis filter is a new coupling ferrite structure by adding different catalyst and composite crystal protectant, which completely solves the problem of ferrocarbon packing materials hardening and passivation. 
In the process of wastewater treatment, the Iron carbon micro electrolysis filter produce a 1.2 volts potential difference by itself to conduct electrolytic treatment to wastewater . Its working principle:  To waste water treatment by the combined action of  electrochemistry, oxidation-reduction, physical adsorption and flocculation-precipitation. Its main function is to reduce the COD, color, improve the wastewater biodegradability, to create the conditions for further water treatment. 
When the system is filled with water, numerous micro-battery systems will be formed in the device and forming an electric field in its operating space.  The new ecology H, Fe2+ generated in the treatment process could react redox reactions with many components in the wastewater. For example, can destroy the chromophoric group or auxochrome group of  colored matter in colored wastewater, or even to broken chains, to achieve the function of degradation decoloration.  The generated Fe2+ will further oxidized to Fe3+. their aquo-complex has strong adsorption-flocculating acivity, especially after alkaline adjust pH value to generate ferrous hydroxide and ferric hydroxide colloidal flocculant, their adsoprtion capacity is much higher than ferric hydroxide collid that from general agentia hydrolysis,  could adsorbs dispersed particles, metal particles and organic macromolecular. Its working principle is based on electrochemical, oxidation-reduction, physical adsorption and flocculation. This process can reduce COD and chromaticity and also improve the biodegradability of wastew

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