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Wastewater Treatment Filter Foam Sponge

Product Name: Wastewater Treatment Filter Foam Sponge
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Polyurethane sponge biologic padding , as a bacterial carrier, can be used in various sewage treatment. It is characterized by low price, convenient installation, no blockage, good biological activity and good treatment effect.

Wastewater Treatment Filter Foam Sponge  A detailed description of
Due to the special structure of the biological packing, its breakthrough point is to realize the nitrosation reaction on the outer surface of a single biological packing in an aeration tank. Can realize Internal denitrification of nitrite. Which not only has simple physical adsorption, but also have positive and negative charge gravitation. The surface of the packing has some  cationic active groups , hydroxyl groups and other  hydrophilicity groups. Thus, the microorganisms and biological enzymes are firmly fixed on the packing, so that the living microorganisms are not easily lost under the shearing action of water and gas. The microorganisms have a large loading and a high volume loading, so that the ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen in the sewage can be reduced simultaneously. At the same time, it also has the advantages of strong capability of cutting bubbles, high space volume utilization, no dead zone, etc. It is the current replacement product of microbial packing in biological treatment technology. The biological carrier is suitable for denitrification and phosphorus removal sewage treatment projects such as   high-concentration organic wastewater, various industrial wastewater, refinery wastewater, daily chemical wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, and urban domestic sewage.


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