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MBBR suspension biological packing

Product Name: MBBR suspension biological packing
Model: 25*12mm
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Product name: Moving Bed Bioreactors Filter Media MBBR media Material: HDPE Size: 25*12mm Application: wastewater treatment

MBBR suspension biological packing  A detailed description of

MBBR suspension biological packing

moving bed bioreactors   (MBBR) process is the new waste water treatment process developed by Norway Kaldnes Mijecpteknogi company and SINTEF company, it combined the advantages of traditional Fluid Bed process and Biological Touch-Oxidation process, has good effect on denitrification and dephosphorization, it is widely used in the industrial waste water treatment and municipal waste water treatment.

Process principal: 
The waste water go through the suspending media of MBBR( moving bed bioreactors )reactor, form the biological membrane on the surface of the media gradually, with the action of the microbial on the biological membrane, the waste water is purified. The media can move freely in the reactor with the mixing of the water; For the aerobic reactor, the aeration will make the media move; For the anaerobic reactor, mechanic mixing will make the media move.


Applied process and range: 

(1) Thermofor biofilm reactor to remove organics and denitrify
(2) Active sludge process
It combines biofilm and activated sludge process in the same treatment unit. it improve the ability to remove BOD/COD and strengthen the function of denitrification and dephosphorization. such process is suitable for the remounlding of activated sludge process, no need of rebuilding.
(3)Preposition denitration.


Moving Bed Bioreactors Filter Media MBBR

moving bed bioreactors filter media MBBR Data

Dia*H(mm) 12*9 11*7 10*7 16*10 25*(7-12) 25*4 5*10 15*15
Surface area(m2/m3)

Using Advantage of  moving bed bioreactors filter media MBBR 

1. Rapid carrier biofilm formation mechanism
2. uper decarburization, ammonia nitrogen removal capacity
3. Excellent resistance to shock load performance
4. Application of flexible and diverse way
5. Simple operation and maintenance
6. Long service life

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