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Alkaline Water Stick

Product Name: Alkaline Water Stick
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Alkaline Water Stick Size: 14.5*1.7cm Adjust PH value Material: Steel Weight: 45g

Alkaline Water Stick  A detailed description of
                                    Alkaline Water Stick

Size: 14.5*1.7cm
Adjust PH value
Material: Steel Weight: 45g

Main function:
1.Improve the antioxidant effect and immunity, reduce blood sugar, neutral fat and cholesterol effects.
2.For constipation and high blood pressure patients have good effects\
3. Reduce of drinking alkaline water on gout, muscle pain are also very good results, you can also reduce fatigue
4.the coordination of growth and development of adolescent boys and girls.
5, promote blood circulation and body fluids ,help the body eliminate waste and toxins into the body.
6, supplemented with calcium-based minerals group, change harmful acid system into alkaline constitution.
7, alkaline  water can improve human immunity to prevent various diseases

Use Instruction:
1. Before using,put the stick in a clean bottle filled half-way with tap or bottle water(if bottled,preferably one with a 7 PH or Highter). Shake Vigorously for 30 seconds and dispose. This removes excess loose minerals. Repeat 2 more times.
2. Fill the bottle again with water shake wigorously for 30 seconds and wait 15-20 minutes before drinking. 
    The longer the water sits with the ionic stick submerged, the stronger the ionization and the higher the PH (up to PH 9.5). Also a strong negative charge (ORP) is attained.
3. Use one stick for a 16 oz bottle (500ml). Use two stcks for a quart (1 liter ) bottle, or more sticks for faster, stonger ionized drinking water.
4. Ti Stick only - pour half of green packet into bottle. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds and empty water and continue to step #1 and 2 before use.
5. Best to drink freshly made ionized water, and drink oftern!
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