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The Advantage Of NKCHEM Laboratory Packing

The Advantage Of Our Company Laboratory Packing

Our company Naike Chemical(NKCHEM ) since 1973, Column Packing Leader In China. 

Labotatory packing advantage we have:

1. Good workmanship, European quality standards
2. Good raw materials, European raw material standards
3. Experienced in the production of various materials/special materials

4. The stock is sufficient, the quantity below 100L is basically in stock, immediate delivery

If you have any issues of tower packing selection for the pilot plant,Extraction Distillation and Rectifying plant (MBBR media,Ceramic packing,structured packing,zeolite).please feel free to contact NAIKE CHEMICAL.

Contact: Cherry Zhang 

Phone(+)86-(0)799-3673812 Mobile: (+)86 18679990188



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